Framepool has joined Nimia...

Nimia is migrating Framepool’s stock footage archive into the Nimia Marketplace over the next two weeks. You can begin to find some of Framepool’s rich collection now along side award winning creative and news footage at We anticipate completing the migration by the second week of March. If you need help finding any of your beloved Framepool footage please contact your usual Framepool representative.

Some of History's Most Iconic Moments Digitally Remastered

We provide specialized news and historical footage research, digitization and copyright clearance. Our stock library boasts over one million stock footage clips including over 3,000 hours of remastered historical premium footage.

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The Framepool Archive

The Framepool archive holds the truly irreplaceable footage from the historical past, the current breaking news of the present, and footage for all of your other project needs in between. Featured contributors include AFP, Terra Mater, and The Archive.

Film and Tape Digitization

We can preserve, archive, curate your precious film collections, with the help of our highly accredited digitization partners. We handle 8mm, 16 mm, 35mm film reel restoration and digitization in up 4k resolution on the Black Magic Cintel Scanner.

Image: Blackmagic

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