Freefly Systems Releases New MōVI M5

Freefly Systems has officially announced the release of their new MōVI M5. Click here for the full press release.

New features:
-Starting price tag: $4,995
-Fully tool-less balancing.
-Full enclosed camera cage – By capturing the camera on top and bottom, it increases the total system stiffness. This allows higher  tuning and, ultimately, more stable footage.
-Strain relieved and protected connections.
-Quick release top handle – Allows for transitioning from high to low mode instantly.
-Keyed pan tube – This keeps pan balance locked in, even when used in inverted mode.
-Improved adjustable camera plate – Freefly made it wider and stiffer. This is important, they say, with smaller DSLR’s, as sometimes the camera  themselves are less rigid and a wider plate helps ensure the camera only moves when the MōVI tells it to.